Welcome to the official website of the Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park. Located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the Glenwood Whitewater Park is the first man-made whitewater feature built on the entire length of the Colorado River.  
big wave
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River Restoration Designed by local river engineers at

Important Info:

IMPORTANT!!! Parking/saftey notice
- Parking has obviously become a big issue, let us all do what we can to help.
NEW!!! Flow guide- The complete guide to water flows in the park, including photos at each level.
NEW!!!! Video @ 20,000 cfs- Big water and still good.
NEW!!! High water pictures of park- (updated with new pictures as water rises)
Rodeo Memorial Day Weekend!!- First whitewater rodeo held at park!
View Park Photos!- Pics updated daily, check back for new shots
Watch video of park in action!- video produced by Fred Norquist
Playboating glossary
- Does kayaker slang seem like a foreign language to you? Fit in with those new age park rats by learning to speak their own vernacular! Guaranteed to make you feel more hip.
Park builder- Build your own whitewater park with just one click!
WHERE IS THE PARK? - See exactly where this feature is located, including satellite imagery.
Detailed design/site analysis
- Discover a detailed analysis of the site and the plans for the park.
Sponsor Listings- Truly the ones to thank for making this dream a reality!

usgs website- WHAT IS THE RIVER FLOWING THROUGH THE PARK?- real-time stream data and historical records



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