Tips to Play Dragon Tiger in Gambling Online

What makes people like Dragon Tiger in gambling online is because this is the chance game and it can make them successful easily.

People love gambling because they can choose many perfect games based on their skill. Most of players don’t want to work hard on agen tangkasnet because literally, those are all games and games are made of fun. That is why, many people choose the chance game because it is easy to play and they don’t need to spend much time to sit along with other players to play the game and be the last standing man. One of the most favorite casino games is Dragon Tiger.

The Simplicity of Dragon Tiger in Gambling Online

Dragon Tiger is the casino game coming from the land of China. China can be said as the home where most of the games were found there. However, Chine bans all types of betting for both gambling online and also offline. Dragon Tiger has no relation to the zoo or other animals at all and you don’t need to play against those animals because it is just the term on the game. Dragon Tiger is unique and it is belonged to the chance game category. It means, you play it by luck and not skill.

As you know, online casino can attract people’s attention over the years throughout the world and by adding the live dealer version, you can enjoy the game more since you can see the true face of the dealer that serves you on the game though you can’t meet her one by one. Card game is one of the most popular games in casino and Dragon Tiger is played using standard deck of 52 cards so you may play it in live dealer too. This is the very simple game that will make you remember other games.

It is because many people think that Dragon Tiger looks like Baccarat and Casino War. You can play the game by only with 2 cards that will represent the Dragon and Tiger side. The players can simply bet on which card that may have the highest value in face down position. It means, you only deal with one card literally to guess though you might play with 2 cards. When you play this game in live version, you need to have the best tips that will help you so much to increase the opportunity to win.

What to Do and Avoid in Dragon Tiger of Gambling Online?

What you need to do is collect the money as much as you can from Dragon Tiger and you must beat your own luck if you choose this game. In Agen Tangkasnet, you may get the tips right away from the site you join and Dragon Tiger doesn’t have many tips to give but at least, you need to maximize what you can find from the game. When you choose this game, all you need to do is just bet on Dragon or Tiger side. Dragon Tiger has another bet which is the tie one just like in Baccarat but you must avoid.

The house edge of Dragon Tiger side bet is around 3.73% and those will give you the even money. It is quite low so you need to stick to those sides. It depends on you whether you want to place for Tiger side in 10 times or you want to place your bets on Dragon side for also 10 times. You can also bet by mixing them up if you want. However, never place your bet on tie side at all because it is so dangerous for you. Many people will do the card counting just like in Blackjack to this kind of game.

However, since you don’t use many cards in Dragon Tiger, it is better for you to keep your eyes open and track the cards that have been played before. Another important thing you need to remember is when you count the cards; you need to track 7 cards all. If 7 valued-cards are dealt, then you will automatically lose the bet. Another beneficial thing you can do from this game is choosing the bet of Dragon Tiger suit. When you play this bet, you need to bet on the revealed card on particular suit.

If you count the cards, it is so easy for you to track the suits that you have played it before. No wonder it is the popular bet to make for the card counters especially when you play in live version. Tie bet in this gambling online will offer the great payout of 8:1 but you need to know that the house edge of tie bet in Dragon Tiger is around 32.77%. It means, you get less chance to win and you must avoid it no matter what.